This is my second Tumblr blog. My first one wasn't so successful as mainly posted random rubbish so this time I'm gonna stick to things that mean something to me:
- Photography
- Pole dancing
- And the occasional blog so you don't get bored ;)

As it's Summer and I've not started my course at uni (I'm going to study Photography) I've mainly been practicing pole. I started learning in January and had weekly lessons until June when unfortunately the studio I had been going had to close. I've been on and off going another studio but have since bought my own pole at home now I feel confident enough that I know enough moves.

I don't really post "performances" or routines, mainly practice videos and think it's amazing how much I've learnt!


Time Turner tattoo custom design by Billy ‘Flip’ McCoy at Spike o Matic in Madiso, WI. First time I had to tap out on a tat. Completing in one month.

Wow, Wish my timeturner tattoo was as good as this one. 

MEGALOLZ. What a pile of shit.

Omg this
is so exciting! Im excited to do more!

omg this is so exciting! Cant wait for next

Omg this
is so interesting! I
cant wait to do more!


Source: This person took this photo.

SUBMITTER COMMENT: I found this guy working at walmart. Thought of you, didn’t really discretely take the photo so he knew I was mocking his ears. (I lol’d considering I have so many piercings and tattoos myself.)

WHAT’S AWFUL: Look at those blown out, lumpy, scarred, graceful lobes. Yuck!

HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Bro, you can’t fix this, but you can prevent it by not being a dumba** and stretching so fast.

Wow submitter, way to be an ass. So you’d be ok with someone mocking and laughing at you while you were working? Be a bit more discreet :/

2 days old.

Home for Christmas! :) Gonna put up better pics of the tree but I’m happy to be home.

Home for Christmas! :) Gonna put up better pics of the tree but I’m happy to be home.

Today I’m in a pin-up mood

The 2 Pole things I did last night:

Flying Ballerina (Never been able to do before)

Hip Hold (Some days I can do it, Some days I can’t).